Cure For Bad Breath

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Do you have bad breath? If so, stick out your tongue in front of a mirror. Do you notice a white coat on top of it? If you don’t see it and have bad breath, chances are that it is not yet visible. This coating is also known as biofilm and it is formed by microorganisms…remnants of food and dead cells.

Of these organisms that live in your tongue, many that can cause bad breath or halitosis and even mouth infections. Cleaning the mouth then becomes an important action to take in order to have softer, better breath; if you do it frequently you will notice a decrease of pathogens in the mouth.

Tongue Cleaning for Bad Breath

To clean your tongue you can either brush it or use a tongue scraper. Special attention must be given to the area located furthest back.

Brushing or scraping must be done with care, as it is easy to damage the tongue’s tissues. Another option is the use of the back of small spoons. But if you can afford a tongue scraper, definitely go for that instead.

Baking Soda on the Tongue

An option to clean the tongue and become free of halitosis is using an effective home remedy, mixing baking soda with warm water. Tis combination will easily help you get rid of the acidity in the tongue; the same acidity that forms a fertile ground for bacteria to appear…resulting in an effective cure for bad breath.

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