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Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by stomach bacteria. That’s why sometimes solutions that are aimed at cleaning the mouth just don’t seem to work. Instead, there are better treatments that help you deal with chronic halitosis originating from acid reflux disease, diverticulitis, obstructed bowel and indigestion.

One of the first types of bacteria that was pinpointed as the cause of bad breath was Helicobacter Pylori. However, after extensive studies, there was no clear connection found between it and halitosis.

Stomach bacteria is highly unlikely to produce bad breath, because we don’t expel air from the stomach, unless it’s a belch… in which case the bad breath would be caused by some food and not because of bacteria.

If you find that you have a kind of bad breath caused by stomach bacteria you shouldn’t be too alarmed. In these cases the condition is temporary and it will smell like food and strong odors coming from your stomach.

There are things to look out for, though. Sometimes bad breath beyond the mouth can signify other causes. It is known that some cancer and conditions in the liver or kidney disease can trigger what it is perceived as “stomach bad breath”.

Bad breath from the stomach is a temporary condition, but if time passes and you don’t notice an improvement in your breath it would be advisable to talk to a doctor and check yourself in search of other possible sources. Best of luck in your quest to find your cure for bad breath!

  1. Emerson Said,

    very informative article,i think lot of people suffering with bad breath problem throughout the world.dentists are not succeeded to find the correct reasons for bad breath problem and they fail to eradicate the problem of bad breath completely.
    in my experience drinking pure water(at least 4 liters a day)will help you to reduce the stomach bacteria slowly.become vegetarian is a good step to resolve the bad breath problem.

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