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Often times, we see people’s tongue in white or yellow color, and it makes you disgusting feeling when you talk to them close enough to even almost smell it. What an awkward situation that would be! And you yourself would definitely not want to have that kind of white color tongue at any time.

A white tongue not only looks ugly but also it could indicate that there is a serious problem in your health, such as bad breath or containing bacteria in the area. This white tongue is also called a geographic tongue, and it tends to change its color to something abnormal.

Simply speaking, geographic tongue means that it has a lot of grooves and fissures inside of it. These grooves and fissures are favorite place for anaerobic bacteria which will eventually cause a bad breath problem. Sometimes the color could be yellow or even black, and this geographic tongue can become coated, dried and cracked. The best way of protecting this type of symptoms is to keep your tongue clean as much and often as possible.

You may need to find out the process of tongue clean or scraping as it will help most people with bad breath problems. If you do it every day then you are guaranteed to live fresh and clean life.

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